Royal Museums Greenwich’s Event Manager talks top caterer partnership



Payne & Gunter is proud of its venue partnerships. Royal Museums Greenwich has 4 venues that we partner with to deliver a range of events with top quality catering. Royal Museums Greenwich comprises the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, Royal Maritime Museum, and Queen’s House. 


Event Manager, Jennifer Ramsay, provides some insight as to how Payne & Gunter and Royal Museums Greenwich work together to deliver delicious catering for a variety of occasions, from luxury weddings to corporate events.

Jennifer has been with Royal Museums Greenwich for over two and half years, having been at the National Theatre for three years beforehand. With a background in catering, she knows her amuse bouche from her aperitif and that tasty food and drink is an essential ingredient for a successful event.


Jennifer started out as an event planner and now heads up the operations team, who deliver hundreds of events every year at Royal Museums Greenwich. A big part of these bespoke and large events is the catering, so Payne & Gunter act as an extension of Jennifer’s team to make sure guests’ experiences are top quality.

Q: How do you work with Payne & Gunter and how do they assist you in delivering exceptional events?

JR: ‘We’ve been partnering with Payne & Gunter for a long time now, so they really understand our venues and the restrictions within them. This makes planning and delivering events much easier and ensures that they run smoothly. We know the team and they know us, so working together is a seamless partnership that means the clients’ visions are realised, and events are memorable for all the right reasons.’

Q: Could you let us know a little bit about the Royal Museum Greenwich venues’ history?

JR: ‘Our venues are steeped in history, and provide individual and unique surroundings for special and momentous events.

They are really versatile and effectively blank canvasses that are great places to host unique events.

They are all situated within beautiful grounds, a UNESCO heritage site that offers variety depending on whether you have a large-scale private event or a once-in-a-lifetime occasion in mind. 


Royal Museums Greenwich: Varied event venues

A few quick descriptions of the venues are as follows, but we also have great grounds that are suitable for outdoor events such as festivals and location filming.

Cutty Sark: This historic ship is a unique event venue, and has actually just won ‘Best Unique Venue in London’ at the Hire Space Awards!! The entire ship is accessible, with great views of the City of London. You can find out more information about Cutty Sark here

Queen’s House: This venue is beautiful and has a world-renowned art collection, making it perfect for luxury weddings and special events. There is more detail about Queen’s House here

Royal Maritime Museum: A large venue with capacity to host up to 1,000 guests makes it ideal for large events such as award ceremonies, gala dinners, and Asian weddings. Read more about Royal Maritime Museum here

Royal Observatory: The home of Greenwich Mean Time and London’s Planetarium, this is a unique World-famous venue where you can stand and sip a cocktail on the Meridian line. This makes the Royal Observatory a very memorable experience for events. See more about the Royal Observatory venue here


Q: What type of events do the Royal Maritime Museums host?

JR: ‘As mentioned, the range of events means we have some extremely versatile event spaces. We host a number of events that we partner with Payne & Gunter to cater for from weddings to corporate events, drinks receptions, gala dinners, and awards ceremonies. Each event is different and special, so no event is the same, which makes my job really fun and interesting every day.’

Q: Do you have any personal highlights during your time at Royal Museums Greenwich?

JR: ‘It’s tough to select just one as there have been so many. In the summer we did host The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which was really special and something I’ll never forget. We’ve also recently had a period drama filmed on our grounds and that was pretty exciting too. From a professional perspective, being appointed Event Manager from Event Planner has been a career highlight and I am really enjoying my role managing the team and all of the various events at Royal Museums Greenwich.’

Q: How do you and Payne & Gunter work together to ensure events are high quality and special experiences for guests?

JR: ‘We have great communication. I know I can always pick up the phone and chat in advance of an event. They always keep me in the loop before and during events so service is seamless, and standards remain high as London’s original caterers.’

Q: What are important considerations guests have when selecting a caterer for their event?

JR: ‘Clients are looking for food and drinks that fit in with the format of their event. Creative and flexible menus that are innovative and taste delicious are a key consideration for clients because they have a diverse range of guests with various requirements that they want to impress.

Sustainably sourced ingredients and menus are also increasingly important to clients when planning events.

High profile chef partnerships are key differentiators when it comes to hosting an event where guests are going to be treated to some extra special catering.’

Q: Finally, what are your top tips for people planning events?

JR: ‘First of all, keep it simple. It’s tempting to go overboard on the details, but events, especially large ones, benefit from more focus on quality and less fuss.

Also, pick a venue that you love, but don’t be too inflexible, the purpose of the event needs to be kept in mind, so stay focused on what you want to achieve. Make sure that is the priority.

And last but not least, ensure the catering is top notch and you have plenty of delicious options for guests to choose from.’

If you are organising an event and want to read more about about Royal Museums Greenwich, you can see them all here


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