Large Event Caterers

Large events are a big deal and take lots of time and resources to pull off. As London’s original caterers Payne & Gunter has catered for large sporting events and festivals that span a number of days and cater for hundreds, if not thousands of guests and visitors.

We offer lots of large event catering options for the public and high-end hospitality for VIP guests, which means there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Variety is the spice of life and nowadays cross-cultural cuisine is in high demand and there are lots of different dietary requirements to consider and cater for.

Big event catering options 

As big event caterers, we’ve got loads of concession vans and units that can pitch up and serve food and drinks from anywhere. We offer a range of creative catering solutions suitable for marquees, players’ lounges, backstage, and hospitality boxes.

We can create food theatre, presenting food in an exciting and appealing way so there are no bland buffets at the large events we cater at.

Experienced large event caterers

Catering for large events means ensuring the logistics of an event are considered in advance and plenty of planning around resources. We have the catering staff to create and serve up fabulous feasts and ensure your guests are waited on hand, foot and finger, so they enjoy the event experience.

If you have a large event and want to speak with experienced big event caterers who have the resources to cater for your guests and make your event a success contact us to see how we can help.