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Bethan Queen B

Having been with Payne & Gunter for over three decades, I like to think of myself as a seasoned pro. However, each event brings a different brief and challenge to the table, which more than keeps me on my toes.

Won't leave home without: My team because without them I can’t do my job. Then there’s my hydrating lip balm so I can always crack a smile when welcoming our wonderful guests.

Memorable event: The Ryder Cup Team dinner, hosted in Cardiff Castle in 2011. As a Welsh girl I was incredibly proud of the amazing local Welsh food on display.

Favourite event type: Large-scale outdoor events with high-end hospitality - when the British weather behaves.

All-time favourite dish: My family’s farm-bred Welsh-mountain rack of lamb.

Team titbit: As a farmer’s daughter I love going home to our family farm, putting on my wellies and getting my hands dirty. 

E: bethan.james@payneandgunter.co.uk

Bethan Professional

Lucy Lady of logistics

Won't leave home without: Call me old-fashioned but a pencil with a rubber on the end – it’s how I keep up with all the changes.

Memorable event: It has to be my first BRIT Awards. It’s such a privilege that we are still their caterer of choice more than 15 years later.

Favourite event type: Awards dinners are a fantastic way to recognise talent and celebrate people’s achievements.

All-time favourite dish: My husband’s seafood risotto

Team titbit: I had the pleasure of working on the QE2 for two years 

E: lucy.fulford@payneandgunter.co.uk

030823 Pg6968

Rebecca Events extraordinaire

Won't leave home without: My phone. As we are out and about so much it’s essential to stay in touch, plus it’s a great source of information.

Memorable event: My first corporate dinner in the Whit Tower at the Tower of London. Beautiful, historic and operationally a bit of a tall order.

Favourite event type: Any new event that Introduces me to something a bit different in an unusual setting

All-time favourite dish: As a self-confessed chocoholic, anything with chocolate.

Team titbit: With a degree in Geographical Science I rarely get lost at events and know my way round many a kitchen!

E: rebecca.dewick@payneandgunter.co.uk

030823 Pg6884

Dave Operations oracle

Won't leave home without: My Leatherman penknife to snag any loose ends and ensure every event is a cut above the rest.

Memorable event: I will never forget the Beckham’s World Cup Party in 2000 that they held in their home.

All-time favourite dish: Duck spring rolls

Team titbit: In August 2017 I cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for charity - almost 1,000 miles in under two weeks!

E: dave.pickering@payneandgunter.co.uk


Sean Proposal professional

Won’t leave home without: As the ultimate sales professional it must be my laptop – you never know when a client needs a cost proposal for a last-minute banqueting event! 

Memorable event: It has to be the London Olympics 2012 at French ‘Hospitality House’, Old Billingsgate 

Favourite event type: Corporate hospitality

All-time favourite dish: Any dish belonging to the tradition of Lyonnais cuisine 

Team titbit: I have inadvertently become a spotter of ornamental pineapples in obscure places and as a part-time professional wordsmith, I enjoy writing foodie reviews – I like to think of myself as quite the culinary critic.  

E: sean.wolstencroft@payneandgunter.co.uk 

Sean Wolstencroft

Priya Sales & account manager

Won’t leave home without: A bottle of water and an umbrella. I love to drink water – not get covered in it!

Memorable event: Our 20th anniversary of catering The BRIT Awards 2024, which was my first large scale event and it went by in a whirlwind.

Favourite event type: I’m really looking forward to my first summer at P&G as we cater a lot of big sporting events, and I’m a massive sports fan.

All-time favourite dish: Impossible to choose! However, I can be a girl with expensive tastes(!) and beautiful fish and seafood like john dory, lobster and crab always do it for me!

Team titbit: Food is my life – I am a cook and a feeder(!), and I can’t think of anything better than looking after those I love. I’m a Punjabi girl who is married to a Greek Cypriot, so a typical weekend for us can see me turning my hand to a range of classic and nostalgic dishes from our respective cultures, whipping up a bit of eclectic fusion or perhaps creating a dish from a faraway country that has caught my eye! I have a one-track mind and I am always thinking about the next thing I’m going to cook for us!

Priya 1

Yoey Graduate operations manager

Won’t leave home without: My phone. If I get lost at least people will know where I am...

Memorable event: Wimbledon 2023. It was so great working at such a large scale event!

Favourite event type: Sporting events - being a bit of a sports fanatic myself.

All time favourite dish: My Mums Congee.

Team titbit: I love going out meeting my friends but sometimes a 8-hour gaming session is what I need to regenerate my social battery.

Yoey 2

Yogi the Dog Wellbeing officer

Dog Sitting
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