Quality awards dinner caterers

A great awards ceremony begins with access to a top-class venue and, of course, quality awards dinner caterers. If you’re planning an extraordinary awards dinner, Payne & Gunter is by your side. We have vast experience as caterers for some of the most prestigious award dinners and ceremonies in London and beyond.

As you’d expect, being the true originals of English hospitality, our excellent food and service will give your winners and nominees an awards dining experience that is a cut above the rest. Let us elevate your next function with a dash of culinary expertise and a sprinkle of old-fashioned British hospitality. 

Top class awards dinner caterers

You’ll get a show-stopping dining experience with the Payne & Gunter team at your awards event. Having served the stars at the BRIT Awards for more than 15 years, we have the food and the flair to make your attendees feel special. Whether they’re carrying a prize or not, our awards dinner caterers will ensure your guests go home with a smile.

If you’ve got an awards dinner that you’d like to shine, simply get in touch. We’ll be pleased to discuss how our catering style – quintessentially British with global influence and appeal – could bring flavour to your event. We’ll ensure you receive the recognition you deserve for hosting a first-class evening with delightful dishes and premium hospitality all around.

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Let us take care of the finer details

As creative award dinner caterers fully immersed in the world of London events, who better than Payne & Gunter to serve up delightful, sustainably crafted cuisine? Simply share your details below and we’ll be in touch.

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