Large scale events: Big pitch. Little details.


British summertime is large scale event season with festivals and sporting occasions galore, ranging from Glastonbury to Goodwood. Predicting the weather is a challenge, but beyond that variable, putting on large scale events that span a number of days is no mean feat. The planning and logistics that go into hosting such an event are lengthy and complex.

Typically, fields need to be turned into venues suitable to host hundreds, if not thousands of guests with high-class hospitality and on-demand eateries to suit a variety of different tastes. This typically means event facilities and amenities need to be brought in and built to turn the site into an incredible, functioning event location.




Payne & Gunter cater for a number of quintessentially British events, and we don’t let the rain stop the parade. We’ve got the resources, equipment, experience, and attitude to make sure major events are memorable for all the right reasons.


Payne & Gunter large scale outdoor events

Catering an event from scratch: A blank canvas

Being experienced large-scale event organisers, Payne & Gunter don’t just turn up to outdoor events we are catering for, we spend time planning to ensure we have the appropriate kit fit for the location, type of event, and that our people are prepped to deal with everything that could happen - with back up plans for our back up plans, we leave no scone unserved!

Catering for the occasion

Our team love to get their creative juices flowing, so our inspiration is taken from location surroundings and the type of event we are catering for. Equestrian events, such as the Polo, require something refined and elegant, from high quality canapés to desserts that are as satisfying as divot stamping.

Whereas, opera festivals like Nevil Holt are well suited to al fresco options like decadent picnics for the discerning attendees to complement the classical compositions.

However, if you are opening the doors to the public and need to offer something for everyone, we’ve got over 30 different options to treat taste buds and quench thirsts.


Payne & Gunter summer outdoor canapes

Are you being served?

We can roll out the silver service or scale a selection of options with out-of-the-box high-end hospitality and scalable serving stations. We cater for events where there are bespoke menus to reflect the theme and season perfectly, and if you’ve got tickets on the door – we can feed on demand.

Our concession vans and carts offer fish and chips, posh sausage rolls, artisan pizza, crepes, burgers, and Yorkshire pudding wraps to name just a few! Refreshments are also available with coffee carts along with craft beer, prosecco, and cocktails on tap.

Sociable and standing serving options like bowl food, street food, food stations, and buffets are all well suited to outdoor events. Hospitality boxes receive top-notch restaurant standard dishes, made in the kitchen we will have made earlier.


Payne & Gunter champagne reception

Big Event Catering: We lap it up

We leave no corner uncovered when carrying out large outdoor event catering. Our teams clock up more miles than any race horse or driver, with hundreds of thousands of steps taken to ensure our guests are waited on hand and foot, so they can relax in the sunshine – or rain.

It takes a village to make a major event go off without a hitch and we’ve got the people to populate every requirement with a range of staff that make sure even the smallest of details are all taken care of.

Got a big event in the calendar?

If you’re planning a large event in the next 12 months, get in contact with us using the phone number or email address below to cover-off the catering with confidence.