Conference Catering for Companies in London

Payne & Gunter has been providing catering for companies and events in London and across the UK since being founded in 1786, from the BRIT Awards to the Royal Windsor Horse Show. We do, however, like to think we have a particular penchant for conference catering.

Whether it’s catering for a conference in a castle, or a party in the grounds of a palace, we make each and every event an unforgettable experience for your delegates and employees, through exceptional catering experiences at stunning venues.

Conference Catering at Unforgettable Venues

Choosing the right venue to host your conference goes a long way in the success of your event, keeping it fresh and memorable in the minds of your colleagues.

Payne and Gunter is one of the most established catering companies in London, and so we have access to some highly impressive venues in the capital, equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, from the infamous Abbey Road Studios to the spectacular Hampton Court Palace.

Venues like London’s Somerset House has the wow factor needed to capture the attention of attendees and bring your conference to life, with allowing space for collaboration and and a historic back-story to spark inspiration.

Companies looking for a venue with catering in London will be drawn to Old Billingsgate, with its three unique and historic spaces – The Grand Hall, The Vault, and The Gallery – which are all available to hire.

Energising Employees with Quality Food

At Payne & Gunter, we know the impact that food has on people and their performance, and the crucial role that nutrition plays in helping employees achieve a balanced diet, as well as providing that extra boost to see the day through. At a conference, catering can bring an event to life on top of fuelling your delegates.

Serving delicious, fresh, and fantastically prepared food to keep your guests engaged is our specialty. Catering to a variety of dietary requirements and ensuring that each dish is nutritionally sound ensures that all your guests are operating at their best.

Our conference catering not only serves delicious and seasonal food while making conferences and events memorable for delegates, our locally sourced goods and plant-forward ingredients champion sustainability and reduce our impact on the planet.

Catering for Companies in London

As London’s original caterers, we’re dedicated to supporting companies by providing unbeatable hospitality. We’re proud to provide high-quality catering for companies across London, at conferences and events of all shapes and sizes.

If you want to discuss plans for your next conference or event, get in touch today by calling us on 0330 1230407 or emailing