A decade of delicious dining

Since 1943, The Royal Windsor Horse Show has been a staple part of the British equestrian and events calendar. This large outdoor event is hosted across five days and caters for thousands of guests at every level; from the outdoor bar and bistro of the exclusive Windsor Enclosure to a pop-up catering village for the public to enjoy.

Our culinary teams are proud to have crafted premium food experiences at this standout event for the last 10 years. Delivering high-end hospitality and delicious dining at a large scale is our forte, and with this prestigious event inviting Royal attendees and crowds from across the world, top-quality catering is a must.

Building from the ground up

The Castle Area in Windsor may begin as a greenfield site, but we at Payne & Gunter know how to build a village from scratch with only the finest marquee catering. Our highly qualified team ensures that diverse dining experiences ‘pop up’ across the site to deliver first-class catering solutions at private hospitality and public events.

Variety is the spice of life, and pleasing different palates and preferences was made possible with 34 concession units for public catering. Dishes ranged from street food, fish and chips, posh sausage rolls, artisan pizza, crepes, burgers, and Yorkshire pudding wraps, with plenty of coffee carts and craft beer, Prosecco, and cocktail vans.

It’s no surprise that our Operational Manager clocked up nearly 200,000 steps during the five-day event, all in the name of delivering large-scale catering without a hitch!

A royally great food experience

We created a royal feast in the event’s hospitality boxes with dishes like Dorset crab and Pimm’s trifle, offering up a taste of British summertime. We served 888 guests in the Royal Box throughout the show, with all 2,664 fine dining dishes benefitting from our expertise in menu creation, serving logistics, and consistent quality. We also wore bespoke uniforms to create an elegant and polished finish, as we know it’s all in the details.

Laurent Perrier, the event sponsor, helped to keep spirits high with over 750 bottles of Champagne. With so many reasons to celebrate, there were plenty of opportunities for guests to raise a toast.

The proof is in the pudding

Catering for The Royal Windsor Horse Show is one of the highlights of our year, so we’re proud of the following testimonial from the event’s organiser.

“Bethan and Lucy have a quiet, reassuring professionalism about them, which comes with real experience, ensuring whatever the challenges and circumstances, Payne & Gunter will never fail to compromise on quality and service. But just as important, this is always delivered with smiles, kindness and the human touch.”

Sarah Rutherford Jones
Sponsorship and Corporate Hospitality, HPower

The Payne & Gunter touch

We’ve been dishing up high-end hospitality and delightful food at large events since 1786. Read the rest of our tales and testimonials to find out what the Payne & Gunter touch could bring to yours.

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