Table Planning: Setting Your Event Apart

The table planning process has always been a tricky task to get right. Whether at a big corporate event where you want to mix up divisions and get people networking or a luxury wedding that requires careful consideration to ensure that people feel comfortable and familiar enough to share stories.

Nowadays, considering the table plan, layout and setting has never been more important. You want to bring people together, whilst giving them the space to enjoy the special event they’re attending.

At Payne & Gunter, we know that creating the perfect seating plan needs to be logical, practical and thoughtful. We also bring the theatre to the table with beautifully decorated designs that invite guests to sit down and enjoy the experience.

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Consider Capacity  

The number of guests you intend to host at your event will have a big impact on the venue you select. Whether you’re having a scaled back soiree or a large-scale event, the capacity of the venue is essential to understand and plan around.

Ensure you get your guest list together so that you can get the people you want in the room as comfortably as possible. With seating taking up the most space, you’ll want more than a little wiggle room around tables, so make sure there is a suitable gap between each table. 


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Read The Room

Social occasions full of familiar faces help to bring back memories and create new ones. Grouping people together based on their familiarity with each other is always a safe bet. Families with children, couples, work colleagues and groups of friends tend to work well. 

Ensuring you have clusters of people in the right places is just as important as who they’re sat with. Try to consider what facilities or amenities they may need access to while at your wedding or event. For example, parents with young children may need easy access to bathrooms.


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Top Of The Table

As seen with traditional wedding and corporate event seating plans, it’s not uncommon to place people with higher significance towards the front of the room.

Whether that’s family members or those of high importance to a business, having senior figures close to the action helps to ensure they have the best view.

Table Planning Professionals

As London’s original caterers, we’re dedicated to delivering safe and sensational experiences. We can help get the (table) setting right and deliver delicious catering that makes for the most unforgettable of events.

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