Bethan’s ‘Food for Thought’

Bethan has been part of the Payne and Gunter family for over 25 years. We put her in the hot seat to find out more about our leading lady… 


Do you enjoy cooking at home? What do you enjoy most?

I love to cook, mostly at the weekends when I’m not working and I’m a huge fan of Donna Hay…easy to cook recipes.  


Best place you have travelled to and why?  

San Francisco - beautiful street art and the most amazing places to eat….so much variety and the people are so friendly, I could live there! 


Next on the travel list?  

Amsterdam with my daughter Charlotte now she’s turned 18!! 


Any hidden talents?  

As a farmer’s daughter I can drive a tractor. 


If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would

it be and why?  

Michelle Obama...what an inspirational lady and she likes to have fun, we would get on so well!! 


What is your favourite London restaurant?  

Too many to choose from but my last outing was to Sexy Fish, Mayfair…delicious! 


What three things can’t you live without?  

Rosy wine (spelt like this as it was on a menu and made me laugh so much), my friends and my family farm in Wales…its where I escape too after a busy run of events. 


What are you most proud of in your career?  

Maintaining a niche events business within a Multinational organisation - not an easy task! 

What would you want to have as your last meal?

Lobster thermidor. 


Are there any foods you just don’t like?  

I hate goat’s cheese 


If you had just one wish, what would it be?  

To have my father by my side again… 


Tell us something even your colleagues might not know about you?

The actress Carey Mulligan is my cousin. 


During this lock-down what are the things you’ve come to value most by their absence from your life and how will you put that right when this is over?  

Time to reflect, and quality time with my family and pet dog INKA. Work-life balance will be more of a focus when we get back to normal whenever that is in the future……