Adhering to social distancing & sanitation standards when catering for events


Payne & Gunter is proud to be part of the Compass Group, and as such have been developing strict standards to ensure event catering is safe and adheres to social distancing and sanitation best practices.

We’re constantly reviewing and updating our processes based on the latest Government advice. Here are some examples of approaches that we are constantly reviewing, improving and implementing at our events:


Social distancing & spatial signage

It may seem like a contradictory in terms, however ‘social distancing’ is an important practice to ensure guests and delegates feel safe and comfortable at your events and conferences.

Whether business or pleasure, the parameters of social distancing are essential to be understood and visually prompted to allow guests and delegates to enjoy and share spaces safely.

With clearly identifiable and obvious displays and markers around event catering locations guests and delegates will have a clear idea how far apart they are from others.

Enabling them to keep at double arm’s length (6 metres) without having to second guess or estimate how far apart they are from others.




Even higher food hygiene standards

Food hygiene has always been a top priority for Payne & Gunter when it comes to food preparation and event catering. However, we have put several solutions in place to up the ante during these unusual times.

These include ensuring Chefs prepare the food within the kitchen wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All cutlery will be prewrapped, compostable or wooden.

And whilst individual packaging for food and beverages will be applied, we will still be maintaining our sustainability policy around food wastage. All of our boxes are made from recyclable materials – sealed with stickers – for extra security and peace of mind.


Sanitation stations

Cleanliness is embedded in our approach to event catering – from preparing food and beverages to serving guests. We’re increasing the emphasis on our sanitation standards, we’re also ensuring that guests and delegates have plenty of sanitation stations to wash and disinfect their hands where appropriate.


Face masks for face-to-face service staff

Where required and in line with Government guidelines, our staff will wear face masks when serving guests and delegates. For large scale events and hospitality, masks can be made available for guests that have forgotten their own. 


As London’s original caterers we are committed to making event catering a safe, sociable, and hygienic experience for guests and delegates. We never compromise on quality catering or creating a great event experience.

You can feel rest assured that your event is in very good (clean) hands! So, if you’d like to discuss your event’s catering requirements, please contact our events team directly on 0330 1230407 or email us at