Festival caterers at London Pride

This year was the Pride Jubilee, marking 50 years since the beginning of the Pride movement. On the weekend of 6th July, London Pride saw nearly 1.5 million people join the celebrations to show their support for the LGBT+ community.

Event hospitality

Such an event brings the capital of London together standing in unison. Payne & Gunter, London’s original caterers, were there too as part of the Compass Group to provide the artists performing at Pride with hospitality and backstage sanctuary.

Catering for diversity

Pride celebrates diversity and this was creatively reflected in the food and drink made by Payne & Gunter. Rainbow colours represent the LGBT+ social community and therefore the food items showcased plenty of stripes and sparkle to keep to the iconic rainbow theme and colour scheme.

“Having a diverse workforce, in any capacity enables us to deliver more for clients and our guests. Being an honest and open business has benefited us greatly at all the events we cater at – from the opera to Pride - we thrive on being able to activate exciting and quirky menus and hospitality wherever we are, especially at something as important as Pride.”

Bethan James, Operations Director, Payne & Gunter

Sharable social snaps

Pride DonutsNowadays, food and drink need to be social – and not just in the party sense. Sharing images of interesting and thematic food via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels means your catering could be seen and salivated over by more than just your guests. That’s why Payne & Gunter created a colourful Pride menu that could fill many a social media feed with delicious images.

Event entertainment

Payne & Gunter provided the backstage catering and the VIP hospitality lounge as well as the backstage sanctuary for performing artists Billy Porter, Becky Hill, and Saara Aalto. Taking care of the artists ensured they felt full of great food as well as confidence before and after their performances.

Guest & partygoer numbers

Lunchtime salad pots, dessert shots, anti-pasti skewers, and rainbow inspired cupcakes were served to 700 guests throughout the day with all-day dining from Payne & Gunter.

Payne & Gunter are proud to have been catering for Pride London and look forward to catering for the colourful event again. 

 Pride rainbow buffet