Playful menu design with a ration-era twist

Wowing dinner guests with unexpected dish design is all part of the Payne & Gunter corporate event catering experience. We love pairing creative culinary design with quintessential British hospitality, and this corporate event at the Natural History Museum offered the perfect opportunity to deliver this classic combination. 

In a nod to when the company was founded, aspects of the event catering were inspired by the 1940s.  Waiters were in land girl head scarves and the men in bowler caps. Hints to the wartime era were woven throughout the menu design - from a tasty take on ‘Woolton Pie’ to a ‘Spam’ ham hock and chicken terrine. All hosted within the beautiful and iconic Natural History Museum, an outstanding venue that never fails to welcome and impress guests.


A spectacle of deliciously daring desserts

Quintessentially British ingredients and an emphasis on daring dessert design brought real culinary flair to this corporate event, with a menu catering to all tastes and dietary needs.  
Bringing top-quality dishes with a touch of quirkiness to the table, our culinary team served up canapes like ‘Allotment Popcorn’ - made from potato peelings, asparagus, mushrooms and cauliflower – and a Kiev main of breaded Hake filled with herby chicken gel, charred asparagus, duchesse potato, and caramelised lemon ‘cloud’.  
Dessert began with a ‘dessert pill’ to cleanse the palate. Guests were given the choice of a ‘Red Pill’ made with matcha green tea, strawberry ganache and yuzu gel or a ‘Blue Pill’, made with maracuja peroba marmalade, calamansi and lilikoi whipped mousseline and root ginger salt.  
Dedicated dessert stations were then set up, which included a beetroot meringue, Cherry Bakewell, and a coffee and liqueur buffet. Rounding off the evening was an after-dinner bar in the museum’s Fossil Way, where guests sipped cocktails surrounded by stunning architecture and prehistoric relics.

Pot Plant

High-end hospitality to complement our first-class flavours

There is more to the Payne & Gunter standard than first-class flavours and creative culinary design. Our premium hospitality and catering are at the forefront of our offering, and this corporate event was no exception, with 30 waiters serving food and 15 wine waiters providing refreshments. Our unique combination of sensational service and top-class catering is what sets Payne & Gunter apart.


NHM Event

‘We are delighted to continue to partner with Payne & Gunter at the Natural History Museum. Together we put on some show-stopping events that offer delicious drinks and dining experiences for our guests at our iconic venue’.

Robert Wetherell, Head of Events and Catering at the Natural History Museum.

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