Natural History Museum

There are three stunning spaces available for hire at the Natural History Museum, all spectacular and unique in their own right. 

The first is the Central Hall, heart of the Museum and one of London’s largest and most flexible venues, the Hintze Hall is an example of Victorian architecture at its most magnificent, where you can dine beneath spectacular painted ceilings. 

The second is the Earth Hall, where striking beams of light climb the 18-metre high atrium walls and dinner is served underneath the magnificent huge globe. Guests can take an escalator ride through Earth’s crust to the very centre of our planet and marvel at the sparkling array of gemstones in Earth’s Treasury.

The third and final is the Darwin Centre, a contemporary and light filled atrium, featuring a centrepiece 65 metre-long, eight-storey concrete cocoon, home to more than 17 million entomology specimens and three million botany specimens. The stunning glass wall opens onto a peaceful garden which offers guests a tranquil oasis and features a large amphitheatre, providing a focal point for entertainment or a relaxed seating area with a cocktail bar.