If you’re looking for an alternative to a more formal filling dinner, mini meals are the perfect solution for a standing reception event or conference and exhibition catering.

If there isn’t the time to sit down and serve your guests, or you want a more informal approach offering lighter bites to guests, our mini-meals are served in a selection of bowls and small plates full of flavour, beautifully presented, and easy to hold.

You can impress your guests with old favourites such as bangers and mash and fish and chips or experience the Payne & Gunter take on everything from seafood bouillabaisse, Moroccan inspired lamb tagine and locally-sourced field mushroom stroganoff.

A mini-meals menu could be perfect for any event where guests require lighter bites and smaller servings, whether that’s Corporate conferences, Outdoor events, Christmas parties or Exhibitions to name a few.

We know that organising an event can be a complex process, so why not read some of our top tips for event planning.

We will work together to create mini-meals with maximum flavour that are sure to impress with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients to delight guests.