Creative Caterers That Serve Up Surprises

Throwing a party or organising an event to forget? Of course not, you want to make it as interesting, memorable and distinctive as possible.

At Payne & Gunter we pride ourselves on being quintessentially British and instinctively creative. Whatever the brief, we want to cook up ideas and serve up spectacular selections.

If you’ve got an appetite for creative catering, then we can bring the ideas (and dishes) to the table.

From menus that surprise your guests to plates that will be pictured and posted, here are a few of our recent creations to whet your appetite.

Surprising entrees – Apple to the Eye

 Apple terrine starter creative caterer

For starters, we recently created this crisp apple terrine starter.

To the unsuspecting eye it looks like a freshly polished Granny Smith, but the taste sensation after the initial bite will reveal the pork terrine centre with apple blossom flowers, cider vinegar, and thyme flavours.

We take the classic British pairing of pork and apple and give it the Payne & Gunter quirky twist to appeal to the eye and pleasure the palate.

Alternative Mains – Canned Meat

 Gressingham duck breast creative caterer

Next up we bring the street food from the orient home with a classic Gressingham duck breast served in a tin can.

The plain and simple casing reminds us of basic larder staples, but the surprising contents are packed full of the travel inspired flavours we all have come to love.

With ingredients such as sesame seeds, spring onions, and fresh plums making this duck more Beijing than boring!

Delightful Desserts - A Snowball’s Chance in Heaven

Snowball dessert creative caterer

To top it off we’ve got a snowball dessert that has a cool exterior, creamy centre, and a seasonal vibe

Guests won’t feel like they’ve had a frosty reception with this dessert guaranteed to go down a storm.

Once the coconut, white chocolate, cranberry, and pectin tastes melt on their tongues, guests won’t be throwing these snowballs around.

Making more than a meal of it

When it comes to tying a theme together we don’t just stop at the dishes.

We’re perfectionists, ensuring no detail is left to chance. The right place settings, glassware, centrepieces, bespoke cocktails, and more make your event feel extra special and memorable for all the right reasons.

If you’ve got a vision, we’d love to make it a reality. Whether you’re looking for tried and tasted ideas or a tailored culinary concept, we can cater for more than just what’s on the menu.

Take a look at the video below to see more dishes from our 2018/19 Menu Collection.